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1 Dec 2020
The novel coronavirus pandemic is forcing businesses to change how they typically work and switch the very operation of the organisation. Many companies have gone from having everyone working at a central location to allowing employees to work at home in order to practice social distancing and stay safe during these trying times. While the change has been rough for some to adapt, it has allowed businesses to keep operating and allowed many to continue to work. These changes are expected to continue past the pandemic and that means there will be changes in how companies decide to work with a legal recruitment agency.

One of the most well-regarded analyst firms, Gartner, found in a study that over 40 per cent of the workforce will continue...

31 Jul 2020
There is no denying how the novel coronavirus has had a significant impact on Australia’s economy and employment rate. Unemployment has become a serious issue as in June alone the country went from 69,300 to 992,3000. That has caused the unemployment rate to hit 7.4 per cent, which is the highest number it has been since 1998.

Many sectors where these job losses occurred were already dealing with issues and the pandemic wound up being the tipping point. Industries most impacted by COVID-19 and lay-offs are retail, construction, postal services, transport, restaurants, and technical services. In other areas, the existing shortage in skills has been widened due to all of the issues COVID-19 has created for organisations. Businesses are...

22 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is making organisations look at how they operate and look into alternative ways to handle its business. While working at an office used to be standard operating procedure, that is no longer the case during the pandemic. Now an increasing number of employees are working from home and this is demonstrating that many jobs can be undertaken remotely. This allows employers and employees to do their part in social distancing while continuing to operate through this unprecedented period.

While the adjustment can be difficult for some that love office culture, companies are still able to keep going because of remote working. While these changes were made due to the pandemic, many will continue working...

2 Mar 2020

While the initial outlay may be significant, the advantages of having an in-house lawyer are considerable, and can generate signifiacnt efficiencies and other business benefits.

The role of a legal counsel is no longer limited to managing the legal risk associated with the business that they work within.

Effective legal counsels now need to partner with the business, understand its problems and produce effective and tangible solutions.

There can be a tendency within some organisations for business units to transfer risk to their in-house legal teams by encouraging or placing pressure on the general counsel (GC) to make commercial decisions.

The job of in-house legal counsel is to comprehend the pressure points, strategy...