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6 Oct 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic is causing all facets of business to change and be re-evaluated. Companies are being forced to adapt and huge changes on how businesses operate are already being seen, such as employees working from home rather than at a centralized office. This includes positions such as the Company Secretary, as they have to adapt and get used to working from home in order to practice social distancing and continue to be productive under a new schedule.

The good news for Company Secretaries is that it is a position that can be fulfilled remotely and isn’t dependent upon an office. Leading analyst firm Gartner predicts that 41 per cent of employees will continue working from home in the future, even...

29 Aug 2020

The impact that the novel coronavirus pandemic has had on all jobs can’t be overstated: it is disrupting all work as we know it. This includes Company Secretary jobs as workers are having to learn how to work remotely rather than from the office. In order to comply with social distancing measures, these employees are working from home setups and creating home offices to stay just as productive.

On the bright side, the Company Secretary role is a job that can be done remotely without a lot of unexpected issues arising. The job was also included when Gartner, one of the world’s leading analyst firms, predicted that 41 per cent of workers are likely to work from home, at least part-time, in the future. Thankfully,...

18 Dec 2019

A company secretary is basically responsible for all the company administration. This implies they are responsible for the submission of annual returns and other important documents to Companies House, and they regularly take up a number of other administrative matters such as arranging board meetings.

The company secretary can't be the same person as the limited company director, however, in the absence of a company secretary, the company director will need to retain the necessary duties.

A company secretary plays a largely supportive role, dealing with essential tasks such as general administration, shareholder communication, corporate governance, and statutory compliance/filing of accounts. So, the company...