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6 Oct 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic is causing all facets of business to change and be re-evaluated. Companies are being forced to adapt and huge changes on how businesses operate are already being seen, such as employees working from home rather than at a centralized office. This includes positions such as the Company Secretary, as they have to adapt and get used to working from home in order to practice social distancing and continue to be productive under a new schedule.

The good news for Company Secretaries is that it is a position that can be fulfilled remotely and isn’t dependent upon an office. Leading analyst firm Gartner predicts that 41 per cent of employees will continue working from home in the future, even if it is just some of the time, and that includes the Company Secretary position. Through the usage of technology that makes video conferencing across the globe a simple process and the ability to securely access networks online, there is no reason why the job can’t be done during this uncertain time.

That being said, this is still a difficult time and Company Secretaries are having to adapt to working remotely. There are specific personal and professional abilities that lend themselves to working efficiently from home and it takes some experimentation to find the best strategy for each individual. It’s also changing how Company Secretary Recruitment works as they will be looking for three important skills in new hires. Here are the abilities that companies will want to look for right now:

  1. Flexibility; Research indicates that employees are changing how they work since they are now at home. They are no longer working traditional business days and are working different hours that fit them better, such as weekends and nights, and for a longer amount of time. There is certainly a fear of burnout that will have to be monitored, but Company Secretaries will be expected to be more flexible with their hours than ever before.
  2. Technology Know-How; Employees use much more technology on a day-to-day basis when working at home. This means a Company Secretary will need to know how to properly use video conferencing software safely and understand how to connect to secure connections. Since they deal with important data, being able to intelligently use computers is paramount under this new normal.
  3. Changing Responsibilities; Businesses are changing how they operate regularly right now as they look to find the ideal way to stay afloat during the pandemic. This means that Company Secretaries will have to be someone that can deal with change constructively, be able to deal with pressure and have a knack for adapting to difficult situations. Coming up with new solutions and not being upset when changes occur is necessary now.

We must also note that Company Secretaries are often advisors to a company’s board. This often means they will have to explain parts of the changing landscape to those that aren’t as technologically advanced including any governance that is put into effect and how the company will look to lower risk. The role is still the same in its essential duties but this is an uncertain time that will require leaders to step up, look for innovative solutions and have the ability to adapt when needed.


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