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31 Jul 2020
There is no denying how the novel coronavirus has had a significant impact on Australia’s economy and employment rate. Unemployment has become a serious issue as in June alone the country went from 69,300 to 992,3000. That has caused the unemployment rate to hit 7.4 per cent, which is the highest number it has been since 1998.

Many sectors where these job losses occurred were already dealing with issues and the pandemic wound up being the tipping point. Industries most impacted by COVID-19 and lay-offs are retail, construction, postal services, transport, restaurants, and technical services. In other areas, the existing shortage in skills has been widened due to all of the issues COVID-19 has created for organisations. Businesses are having to react to many new challenges and that is never an easy task.

It is more difficult to use overseas talent

For fields like In House Legal Counsel that require highly-skilled applicants with specialised knowledge, it has been a challenge to recruit new employees due to Australia closing its borders. More than ever before, it is significantly difficult to look worldwide for workers when the local area lacks the specific skills and expertise needed.

Helping lessen these complicated hiring matters is that more companies than ever before are embracing working remotely from home. This means that many directors and executives are willing to hire In House Legal Counsel that works regionally or interstate. Thanks to the ability to use video calls for meetings and using cloud technology to share work, it’s easier than ever before for workers to stay efficient without being in an office. This could also apply to overseas hires as well in the future.

One other difficulty employers are running into is that those currently with a job are less willing to do anything that might endanger their career. These possible job candidates are thankful that they still have work and want to hold onto it rather than look towards other options. People are less willing to relocate for work and are mitigating risk whenever possible, which makes sense considering the current economic state.

Since companies are changing the very way that work gets done due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it means that companies need additional skills from its In House Legal Counsel. There are new business continuity challenges that arise from working remotely and a knowledge of technology is necessary in order to keep sensitive data safe from hackers. That makes finding employees with these specific skills even more challenging. Companies will need to do everything they can to deal with these skill shortages since job mobility is at a low.

Due to these challenges, we can expect that specialised recruitment services will be used heavily in the next couple of years. Using an organisation that understands the new hiring situation and the specific issues businesses are facing right now is key in recruiting a talented In House Legal Counsel that is right for your business. The work environment as we know it is rapidly changing and continuing to morph into something new, so companies need employees with the correct skills that will help them stay successful during these trying times.


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